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Upgrade your Rauland Nurse Call system to avoid outdated equipment issues

Rauland R4 and Responder 4000 have been discontinued and require a quick and seamless upgrade to the R5 and Responder 5000 systems in order to maintain optimal level performance. 

If no upgrading is performed, you run the risk of unserviceable outdated equipment. 

Outdated equipment may cause the following:

Inoperable Systems & Malfunctions

You may experience lags or malfunctions with the operations of your equipment and software that will require technical support & maintenance.


Longer Downtime

End-of-life stage equipment will require a lengthier process for system fixes and maintenance due to the outdated technology, parts, and operating software.

This will likely cause increased downtime for system maintenance and repairs. 


Frustrated Employees

Lack of systems working properly (with no quick fixes) causes inefficiency and is likely to cause frustration for your team.


Increased Safety Concerns

Without the latest equipment and software upgrades, outdated systems have more opportunity for failure due to technical issues.


This may increase the potential risk for patients not receiving the level of care necessary to save lives in critical conditions.

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