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The importance of Huddle Rooms & Video Collaboration

ENGLEWOOD, Colo., June 17, 2019 — To ensure that workers collaborate with minimal distractions, companies are adding huddle rooms to their floor plans. These rooms often include Video Conferencing Solutions, TV, LCD, or LED Monitors, Tables for Sitting or Standing, Interactive Whiteboards, and Chairs.

These intimate spaces provide quiet spaces where collaborators can engage in intimate conversations without interruptions. The video conferencing solutions help remote workers engage in face-to-face interactions, and make the most of office space, turning unused areas into collaborative atmospheres.

Collaboration is key. Beacon Communications can install software that can be used with any soft phone, web conferencing or UC application (including Skype, WebEx, GotoMeeting, and more). Management makes it easy. We can provide consoles that are easy to provision and manage from the cloud, and leverage standard network security policies. For example, our Crestron Mercury solution offers built-in occupancy sensors to support energy-saving automation, as well as collection of room-usage data.

The same Crestron created solution enables state of the art scheduling, connecting directly with Microsoft exchange or Crestron Fusion to make room scheduling easy. The built-in graphics engine generates an onscreen display of room calendar and simple instructions for starting a meeting.

Let us help you to create huddle rooms and conferencing that meets your budget and your needs. We will install an easy to deploy, easy to use, and easy to manage solution that fits your size and structure.

Call 303-750-6500 or email today.

About Beacon Communications

Beacon Communications, LLC is the industry’s leading full-service crucial communications, AV and security solutions provider. We specialize in delivering solutions with the design, sale, installation, training and service of the industry’s best electronic communication, AV and security systems. We provide support and service to a variety of buildings and institutions that require crucial communications on a daily basis. Visit Beacon Communications, LLC Media Contact: Dez King, Marketing Specialist 719-355-9261



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