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Rauland/Ametek Launches New BI (Business Intelligence) Software Application

New Business Intelligence Tool Gives Hospitals, Healthcare Facilities Tailored Views of Data by Role

New Business Intelligence Tool Gives Hospitals, Healthcare Facilities Tailored Views of Data by Role

Role-Based Data Opens New Windows and Insights into Clinical Processes, Staffing Models and Patient Satisfaction

  1. PROSPECT, IL (November 9 ) – A new software application launched today is helping hospitals and other healthcare facilities get a deeper dive into their data. The software from Rauland delivers tailored views by clinical role and a clear path to answers that can quickly identify what’s working, where improvement is needed, and how best to achieve goals.

Data Views Specific to Roles

Introduced as part of Rauland’s clinical healthcare solution, the Responder Business Intelligence tool helps staff maximize time with patients and offers insights that can impact HCAHPS scores, pilot new hospital-wide initiatives, and support real-time staffing decisions. The data and how it is visually presented as charts or graphs can be tailored to the user role, whether VP of Nursing, Nurse Manager, or the Charge Nurse.

Rauland said the solution helps hospital staff deliver the best possible patient care, with fast, direct patient-to-staff communication, flexible integration, intelligent call routing and real-time reporting.

“The custom views we deliver let hospital staff and management put their data to work across the entire organization — and translate that data into meaningful action,” said Jennifer Holden, VP of Product Strategy at Rauland. “Business Intelligence can surface not only the Responder data but also combine it with data from other disparate systems – smart beds, medical devices, etc. By doing that, we can

present the larger picture in new ways that can transform the delivery of care.”

For example, Holden said, those unique views can help identify measures directly related to a hospital’s HCAHPS scores and reimbursement rates – and plot a calendar year of those scores on the same graph with key related data to find correlations.

“Displaying the data for each clinical role and presenting it visually allows the user to quickly see exactly what matters most to them,“ Holden added. “That lets a user see data in a whole new way, giving them answers that can support real change with relevant facts —whether to drive for process improvements or stronger satisfaction scores, track trends, or pilot new best practices.”

The tailored data views can quickly let nursing leaders see if response times to patient calls are improving, and whether that improvement is being reflected in satisfaction. It also can let leaders review data for trends and knowledge that can be applied to day-to-day operations, and impact current or planned initiatives.

Smarter Healthcare

These custom views delivered by Rauland’s Healthcare Business Intelligence allow a deeper dive specific to the role of the user:

  • For the Vice President of Nursing, with the bigger picture and digestible facts that can be shared to other executives involved in the business of care.

  • For the Nurse Manager, with charts and data to support staffing and training decisions to address care goals, help improve staff satisfaction and increase retention.

  • For Charge Nurses, delivering daily information in near real time to enable continuous improvement of workflow efficiencies.

Improved Care and Healthier Bottom Line

“These insights derived from Rauland’s Business Intelligence are designed to ignite action and effect real change,” Holden added. “By seeing where they are and comparing it to where they’ve been, staff have a better understanding of what is needed to get where they need to go. This charting of trends can illustrate the path to a healthier bottom line.”

Enormously flexible, the Business Intelligence solution also can integrate with other systems and pull complementary data to present a true big picture approach, Holden said.

Rauland Responder®

Rauland Responder clinical communication solutions enhance overall communication and workflow within a hospital – patient-to-staff, and staff-to-staff. Responder helps staff deliver the best possible patient care, with fast, direct communication, flexible integration, intelligent rules-based call and alarm management, and real-time reporting. Responder helps gather data real-time for easier decision-making, optimized workflow and enhanced patient care and satisfaction, with an enhanced open architecture that integrates to a variety of wireless phones, pagers and location systems.

Rauland AMETEK

Rauland, a division of AMETEK Inc., is a respected global leader in the design and delivery of advanced communications, workflow and life-safety solutions for hospitals worldwide, with installations in more than 4,000 hospitals in 40 countries.

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