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Advancements in Visual Messaging with the Latest in Audio-Visual Technology

ENGLEWOOD, Colo., August 12, 2019 — InfoBoards come in different sizes. They can feature the same fine pitch technology seen in large panel displays in airports, stadiums, conference rooms, and other public gathering spaces. InfoBoards can display time, date, and general messages at different intervals, using seven different options for any display. These features are controlled from a mobile app and software.

Panel options can be more durable than LCD flat-panel monitors, with a longer expected life, making them the natural successor to the digital clock.

Critical Notifications

In an emergency (such as an active shooter or dangerous weather), transmitters can send a signal to every InfoBoard in your campus, independent of your network, triggering the visual display of notifications such as “Lockdown,” “Evacuate,” or “Weather.”

Transmitters are equipped with separate pairs of contact closures for different critical notifications, and one additional for an “All Clear” message. These contact closures can also be easily connected to auxiliary jacks on fire panels, main building panels, and PA systems, allowing those systems to trigger the boards along with whatever other audible and electronic notifications they may already activate. Reliability, Cost

For the cost of a new transmitter and a set of InfoBoards, institutions can have a fully functional synchronous time and critical notification system, yielding savings in both initial cost and ongoing maintenance.

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